About the Obliterator

The Obliterator is a giant alien completely covered in armor. He's about as tall as Banjoooo and can project powerful disintegration rays from his hands and eyes. He also has immense super strength and his indestructible armor is impervious to almost all attacks. He resembles a giant Ultron. In 'the Oceania Crisis' the Obliterator was said to have been a galactic menace that was millions of years old. He was so much of a threat to the universe that the Parody Master banished him to Earth. For years and years he remained in a coma-like state, but was somehow re-activated and terrorized the residents of the AMB. Obby eventually found his way into the Parodyverse and has been used as a pawn by the Parody Master, Baron Zemo, and Those Who Sit Above in the Shadow when not striking out on his own. Though he often seems loud, foolish, and oafish, the Obliterator is actually very smart and has knowledge and access to advanced technology, making him a very formidable foe to the Lair Legion and the residents of the Parodyverse. His current whereabouts are unknown.