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Who's Who in the Parodyverse? Version 11.6 @ 5th July 2003

And now the latest version of the essential character guide, compiled for villainous purposes by... the Hooded Hood.
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According to recent information gained from interviews with Nicolae Anton, a well respected businessman and geneticist in GothaMetropolis York, his son Szandor Anton is the recipient of the ultimate in father's love--he is an upgrade from the flaws of humanity. Grafted with demonic genotypes, Szandor Anton will hopefully follow in his father's footsteps and serve his community well as another vigilante hero.

According to Szandor, Nicolae Anton is a megalomaniacal, self-absorbed control freak who has no qualms about destroying life in every meaningful sense to obtain his goals. Szandor also hints at his father's apparent lust for politics...

You spelled Progeny wrong, by the way.

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