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Sir Mumphrey Wilton: The Vital Statistics
Monday, 13-Sep-1999 17:42:15 writes:

    There’s still quite a lot we don’t know about Mumph yet, but here’s a summary of the story so far. Mumphrey appears to be in his mid fifties. He has old-fashioned side-whiskers and moustache, he dresses in waistcoats, and he is a true gentleman. In actual fact he is over a century old, since he possesses a curious temporal pocketwatch which prevents him from ageing. For three decades he laid this item aside and aged naturally alongside his (now dead) wife Madge. He has a feckless son, a vain daughter, and a greedy but stupid son-on-law who are something of a disappointment to him.

    The temporal chonometer somehow manipulates time. Mumphrey has used it to “step outside” time, effectively freezing everything around him while he moves about, to slow down or speed up events or people, to shift objects forwards in time (the bigger the object the shorter the amount of time he can shift it), to age things rapidly, and to detect temporal anomalies and his current time/space location. The pocketwatch stores “chronal energy” and each of these feats uses up charge which takes some time to build again. We have not yet heard how Mumphrey came by this (and some other) curious device. Mumphrey has intimated that the watch is happier with him than it’s previous owner, which suggests that it might be a bad thing for someone else to try and use it; but that’s another story.

    Mumphrey is the owner of Wilton Industries, an import/export firm based in London. Shrewd and literally timely investments have made him a millionaire. He retains a network of contacts from his previous work for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of Her Majesty’s Government, and certainly worked with Dan Drury, Director of SPUD, way back in the second world war. He has proven to be a competent boxer in the old style (and wouldn’t hit a fellow while he’s down), and seems to know his way around a shotgun. His time-manipulating equipment is not common knowledge, and he tries to act surreptitiously to preserve his secret.

    In character Mumphrey is absolutely honest, always polite except when a bounder needs putting in his place, innocently sexist in the manner of another age, utterly fair, outrageously eccentric, and somewhat bashful if placed in the spotlight (chap doesn’t like to be made a fuss of, what?).

    Mumphrey is currently accompanied by Asil Ashling, Lisa’s young and innocent clone, who is acting as his amanuensis (as sort of personal secretary and organsiser, as with Watson to Holmes).

    At the point we are at in the Mumphrey diaries he has not yet met the entire Lair Legion, so we will have to assume for the purposes of this storyline that our current narrative takes place after the diaries strand.

    In response to the pleas of the Hat

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