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The Men Team- Entry for Who's Who
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The Men Team... A trio of unlikely superheroes banded together to fight evil in every form. Most people are so stunned at their appearance, that they laugh at them. This often gives The Men Team the upper hand!

Burly Man (the most rational of the group that you might call him their team's leader) is a creation of nature. Hit by lightning during and after a hold up at his pawn shop, his body was charged and now is covered with the tools, hardware, and cables from what is left of his shop at 23rd and Brooklyn Ave.

Girly Man (the most shocking of the group) is also a creation of nature. After robbing Burly Man's pawn shop, he too was hit by lightning and was thrown behind a dumpster. where he landed on a rag doll. hit by lightning a couple more times, he gained the power to drain people/ animals of their energy and use it against them. He carry's the rag doll that he can focus some power into, unknowingly, and use it as a weapon. He calls it his Rag Doll of Justice. Girly Man wears a blue tutu and a red shirt. His hair is black and ratty looking, and he's tha main reason people laugh at the team.

Both he and Burly Man have no memory of who they were before they woke up the morning after they were hit by the lightning. Girly Man finds out that his real name is Ralph after he and Burly Man were brought to Girly Man's house by the police. Girly Man's mother was worried about him and sent the cops looking for him. Upon seeing Burly Man, Girly Man's mother hits on him and lets him stay with them.

The Final member of The Men Team is
MP Man, which is short for Multiple Personality Man. MP Man (aka: Mr. Graham Cracker) lives in an abandoned apartment complex. He spends most of his time there fighting with "James", an equally dominant personality of his. Together, they share opposite halves of Graham's body. Through many nights of solitude, they discovered more personalities, each with it's own powers. Through a general concensus, Graham's personalities came to the conclusion to use their powers for good; though a few evil personalities do exist in him, they are subdued by everyone else there. ...Confusing? To most people that sums him up.

They ride around in their double decked bus, which is their roving headquarters. The bus has been modified by Burly Man to be their crime fighting machine. It's equipped with things that even they don't know about! It's red and green, with big yellow letters on the front, back and side that read TMT. Which, of Course, stands for The Men Team.

They like superheroes with the name "Man" at the end of their name, and after a short trial, would probably let them join their team.

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