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Fri Aug 26, 2005 at 08:25:05 pm EDT
A little help:
HELP For Crisis! I need complete lists of the following teams....

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> The take off on the Outsiders Mike created.

The Maverix: are, as CSFB! pointed out, parodies of DC’s Outsiders. The latest (third?) incarnation has a roster of both old and new heroes, some of which I stole for my story. I don’t have any real plans for them after this, so if somebody thinks they could use them you’re more than welcome to do so. Here’s what I have on the group:

Ordnance: Real Name: Ray Hartmann. Twenty something male, blonde, athletic, former sidekick to “legendary vigilante” The Shadowy Gunman, when he went by the alias of Quickdraw or Quicky. Now the only heir to the Gunman’s estate. Wears a grey bodysuit with white trim. Domino mask. Twin .45 automatic pistols in shoulder holsters. Guns have a wide variety of payloads, most of which are non-lethal.

Poise: Real Name: Unknown. Twenty something woman. Asian in appearance. Claims to have been expelled from Amazon School. Incredibly strong and fast, with a high resistance to injury. Wears hair short and spiky (dyed orange). Wears a black crop top muscle shirt and Capri pants.

Jacinth: Real Name: Jacinth. Twenty something female with purple, bluish skin and medium length violet hair. The last daughter of the Gem Dynasty of Wizards, her powers include the ability to manipulate a purple energy for a variety of effects, including flight and force field projection. Costume is a white a green bodysuit.

Resound: Real Name: Kimmy Lassiter. Twenty something African American female. Long dark hair with blonde highlights worn in corn rows. Can alter her density from an intangible state to diamond hard levels and a mass of over 90 tons. At maximum density she has super strength and invulnerability, and her punches strike with a thunderous noise. Received this abilities from irradiated diet pills. Costume is a blue skintight catsuit with a red jacket worn over it. Matching gloves and boots.

Elemento: Real Name: Elemento. Tall, powerfully built bald man. Skin is a patchwork of browns, blues, whites, and reds. Can adapt physical properties of earth, air, fire, or water. Origin is unknown, though he may be some form of golem or homunculus of a more powerful elemental

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