The Lair Legion Headquarters
Blueprints provided by Hollywood V

1st Floor

1)  Main Entrance to the lair - access to grand staircase
2)  Recreation Room - including large screen TV, state of the art stereo system, fireplace, and bar
a)  Banjoo's water tank
3)  Library - full of books (!) and including the chronicles of CoS
4)  Gallery - includes the many, err...artistic works of Hollywood V
5)  Kitchen - fully staffed with 4 chefs and including the mandatory butler
6)  Dining hall - see that scale?, well take my word for it, it's huge!
7)  Elevator
8)  Washroom
9)  Breakfast nook/Solarium/Room with a lot of comfy chairs
10)  Coat Room - always attended to, of course
11)  to Helipad and Garage

2nd Floor

1)  Fing Fang Foom's Room w/bathroom and balcony (bathrooms & balcony included w/every bedroom)
2)  Storage for personal items/spiffy's old room
3)  Donar's Room
4)  Hollywood V's Room
5)  Jarvis and Lisa's Room
6)  Starseed's Room
7)  Guest Room
8)  Guest Room
9)  Pool Table

3rd Floor

1)  Physical Recreation Room - just like your top of the line gym - the whole shabang
2)  Jogging Track - sign on the wall: "Runners will be prosecuted"
3)  Outdoor Porch - with army sized BBQ
4)  Guys Change Room
5)  Gals Change Room
6)  Olympic Size Pool and Whirlpool Tub
7)  Sauna
8)  Shower Room
9)  Pie Shooting Defence Turrets

Secret Floor

1)  Zemo's secret Laboratory
2)  Zemo's secret War Room
3)  Zemo's secret Particle X Missile Silos

1st Sub-Level

1)  Battle Training Simulator - yeah, I know, it's a Danger Room
a)  BTS Control Center
2)  War/Debriefing Room - for megomaniacal purposes, sacrifices and such
3)  Lair Monitor and Living Room - contains complex security system, that is single computer screen
4)  Conference Room - for all non-megomaniacal purposes

2nd Sub-Level

1)  Banjoo's Room
2)  NTU 150's Laboratory
3)  Brig
a)  Jail Cells - containment fields are used, much like in Star Trek, because they're just so damn nifty
4)  Emergency Dispatch Security and Maintenance Robot Room - for all your emergency needs