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Mon Jan 03, 2005 at 01:33:38 pm EST
Are you picking on me again??
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> From Jason I need a paragraph on Yuki.

Here's one for Yuki, let me know if I missed anything:

Yuki Shiro is a private detective who found herself trapped one day by enemies and lost her human body in a fire. To save her life she was outfitted into a synthetic body with purple hair and eyes designed by Al B. Harper and Bautista Enterprises, manufactured by the latter and a Japanese electronics giant who prefers to keep the project secret. Her synthetic cyborg body, containing a titanium alloy skeleton, has an on-board conceptual computer, satellite/radio/cellular transmission equipment, dual kinetic (self-charging) batteries, and electronic themal and optical camouflage. She works frequently with Al B. Harper, who keeps her secret from much of the Lair Legion. The synthetic body gives her accelerated movement and perception, strength greater than a man twice her size, the durability to fall about three stories without injury, and the ability to access the information infrastructure.

...and since even you forgot one (let me know if this one needs editing too):

Liu Xi Xian is a Chinese girl in her late teens born in Tanjin, China. Her parents were killed by Chinese troops, and she made a living on Shanghai hustling people out of cash until she was captured and sent to Paradopolis by an unknown man wanting a mail-order bride (he was killed by the Manga Shoggoth). She was intercepted by the Manga Shoggoth, who took her to his lair with the purpose of teaching her English and placing her in society, but soon discovered that Liu Xi was a natural practitioner of Chinese elemental magic. She has yet to master any of her power, but with her ability to access Void (the unknown 6th element) she has both managed to impress the Manga Shoggoth and the High Priestess Ebony, and created the need for the Manga Shoggoth to keep her safe and out of the wrong hands. Currently, only Keiko Takashi, Yuki Shirow, The Manga Shoggoth, The High Priestess Ebony, and Al B. Harper know of her existence.

To the Spirit of the Night, I surrender...

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