The League or Irregulars

A force gathered from various realities and lead by the evil Anti-Jarvis, whose ambition was to conquer the multi-verse. Not truly opposites of their Parodyverse counterparts, but merely variations on them. An early challenge for the League of Regulars, their members included:

The Anti-Jarvis: No servile butler, but the successful conqueror of multiple universes. Possessed the stolen 'spiffy-Cosmic', and the various cosmic powers drained from all conquered universes. However, he much preferred a military solution to simply waving his fingers and making nations bow to him. Seemingly erased from existence in a paradox.

The Good Baron Zemo: Attempting to thwart the plans of the Anti-Jarvis, the good Baron Zemo was killed by his Parodyverse counterpart. Later resurrected as the not-so-good Virtual Zemo. Hallie stands on guard against VZ's possible return.

Lisa the Chaste: This pure version of our Lisa was driven mad by excessive profanity. After being confined in a mental institution, she eventually returned as the Auto-Censor. Current whereabouts unknown.

The Anti-Visionary: More capable (seemingly) than his BZL counterpart, the A-V actually possessed powers, including the ability to project energy beams from his eyes. Currently believed to be incarcerated.

The Man Who's Always There: Created a paradox when he collided with The Man Who Wasn't There, resulting in the Anti-Jarvis being erased from existence, and possibly TMWAT as well.

NTU-151: A flesh covered cyborg, 151 literally lost his head (it was later replaced with a camcorder). Reprogrammed by our NTU, 151 served as Lisa's administrative assistant until he was recently let go in favor of Goldeneyed. Current whereabouts unknown.

The White Knight: According to Fin Fang Foom, he "tasted like chicken".

The Anti-Yo: This proper English gentleman was driven mad by an encounter with his thoroughly ambiguous, unconformist (and just plain silly) BZL opposite. Confined to a mental institution, but later used by Dr. Moo to create 'distilled Anti-Thought Energy' (conformity in a bottle)- a solution capable of rendering our Yo a powerless, ordinary man with a bad English accent.

The Micro-Banjooos: Most(?) of these infectious microscopic Sea Monkeys were electrocuted on the surface of our Banjooo's brain. Contact the Center for Disease Control for more information on their current whereabouts.

Silent Starseed: The first mime to sully the Parodyverse (he wouldn't be the last). Especially hated by all sentient BZLers. May be French!

Fe Fi Fo Fum, the Diminutive Dragon: Decapitated by Zemo.

The Anti-Space Ghost: Bonded with the Parodyverse version over drinks. Probably in a gutter somewhere.