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Looks fine to me. :) [Spoilers]

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This was a good story, and it made fine use of my character.
With that segue, now would be as good a time as any to share some notes on Honey Bee of the Hive Mind.
Like Deus ex Machina, of the Citizens of Cybernation, Honey Bee is the female leader of a significant faction within the Parodyverse that's devoted to promoting the cause of pure Order.
Unlike Deus ex Machina, who seeks to accomplish this aim by converting both herself and her followers into digitally-stored datastreams and cybernetic constructs, entirely devoid of the imperfection of organic flesh, Honey Bee and the Hive Mind she serves choose to conquer other species by "refining" their genetics, until those conquered drones are virtually genetically identical to every other member of the Hive Mind.
Just as humans evolved into their current form from primates and mammals, so too did the race of the Hive Mind evolve into a roughly humanoid form from bees and insects; this much they share in common with the Queen Bee and her subjects in the DC Universe.
However, the Hive Mind was also one of the first species in existence ever to embrace the cause of pure Order, thus making them a star-spanning precursor to the Order of Order here on Earth.
Indeed, during the 1960s, the CrazySugarCosmicIconoclast! of Earth, and his CrazySugarCosmicIconoclastCollective!, came into frequent conflict with Honey Bee and her Hive Mind, in ways that were no doubt reminiscent of the clashes between the Green Lantern Corps and their various adversaries, such as the Qwardians, the Zamarons, and the Controllers.
Perhaps as a result of their consistent defeats in direct combat against the CrazySugarHistoricHero! of this age, Honey Bee opted instead for a more stealth approach, and adopted the persona of Ms. Apis Mellifera, beautiful human fashion model and celebrity, in much the same manner that Sivana's daughter, Beautia, served as her mad scientist father's public front, in the pages of C.C. Beck's Captain Marvel.
Of course, this bit of history raises some interesting possibilities, given the fact that we still don't know who it was that first persuaded Gideon Book, the Word of Order, to dedicate his life and works to serving the cause of Order, nor do we know who the mother of his daughter, Pelopia, really was.
There are some dots just waiting to be connected there, if anyone wants to take the time to do so. :)
In some ways, I suppose that Honey Bee could be seen as evidence of a recurring theme in my characterizations, as is also seen in Deus ex Machina and Pelopia Book - ie. that of the flawless and powerful alpha-female devoted to Order in all its forms - but I feel that she possesses enough unique attributes to merit her presence, since she takes this theme down a different avenue than Deus ex Machina, offering the trope of outer-space insect aliens in contrast to Deus ex Machina's trope of internet-dwelling cyborgs.
As befits her name, Honey Bee is also slightly more seductive than Deus ex Machina, who is strikingly beautiful in her own Aryan Ice Queen meets the Robot from Fritz Lang's Metroplis sort of way, but is also necessarily hard-edged and almost asexual in her persona.
By contrast, Honey Bee represents the subtle but voracious sexuality of all insect females, perfectly composed and precise in the execution of her deeds, but at the same time dominant and predatory in her needs.
There's a bit of Blackarachnia from Transformers: Beast Wars in Honey Bee, and that's what makes her deadly dangerous.
It's a good thing Factor X was wearing his perfectly sealed-up suit, or else Honey Bee's pheromones could have done a powerful number on him, as they have done to the male members of many species.
Anyhow, that's pretty much what I've got so far.
Again, good job on the story.

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