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A Semi-Secert File, but no Origins of Ham-Boy
The Ham-Tastic Adventures of Ham-Boy, Numbuh 5

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Real Name: Fredrick "Fred" Hogarth Harris
Known Nicknames: HB, Hammy, The Earth's Meatiest Hero, The Protector of Pork, The Meaty Might & other meat related nicknames. Has been called Spam-Boy, but as an insult.
Occupation: Crime Fighter/Wally-World in-store D.J.
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Identity: Secret to general public but known to few people.
Place of Birth: Piney Oaks, Iowa.
Marital Status: Single.
Known Relatives: Janis Harris-Smith (Mother), Mr. Harris (Father, assumed dead), Jordan Smith (Step-Father), "Grandpa" Harris (Grandfather, Father's side).
Group Affiliation: (Current) The Lair Legion Jr. (Former) The yet unnamed team of America. Well at least, Iowa.
Base of Operations: (Current) "The Meat Locker", A secret basement under the lighthouse on Robinson Island in the Goth Haven harbor. (Former) The Harris Farm, 27355 10th Ave, NE. Piney Oaks, Iowa.
First Appearance(s): So you want to be a Super Hero? (of Ham-Boy, July 2002), Road Trip! (of Fred Harris as Ham-Boy, May 2003), The Ham-tastic Adventures of Ham-Boy, Numbuh #1 (of the current Fred Harris as Ham-Boy, Late 2003).
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brownish Blond
Sex: Male
Known Superhuman Powers: Radar-like "Ham-Sence", Meat Vision, Control of assorted meat by-products.
Strength Level: Ham-Boy possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engaged in moderate to regular exercise.
Costume: a cowl that looks to be made of ham called the "Ham-Cowl", the top is cut off & shows his brown hair, dark grey cargo pants, red leather lace up combat boots, black sweater, a leather jacket with 2 stylized H's on it (one's of front & one's of the back), & "Hamtitlity" belt with link sausage lasso.
Mode of Transportation: A cherry red vespa known affectionally as "The Ham-Scooter".
Allies: Jack Squat & his all seeing eye dog, Beauaguard, Janis Harris-Smith, Jordan Smith, Elizabeth "Betty" Stevens, The Lair Legion Jr., Mr. Epitome & Glory, Amazing Guy, Kid Produce, Clayton Greenhawk (The Food Hunter).
Foes: Robert Crunch (The Evil Captain Crunch, The Crunch Commander), Dr. Peter Cox, D.D.S (Dr. Peacock), Ivana Poliduski (Auntie Freeze, Ms. Freeze, Freeza), Amantha Leonard (Kitty Boom Boom), Grammar, The Patriarch, The Grey Death, Benjamin Marco (Boulder), Britney Amara (Enchantra), Stacey, Tracey & Lacey (The Threesome), Phineus McCorkle (The Pilgrim Commando, Turkey Killer), Cliché, Rolland Stone, Erik Leonard, Merlin Solomon (Abra Cadaver), Dr. Thane Hunter (Timeline), K'Abin Von Ghall (Baron Wasteland), To-Fu, Mega Byte, The Veggie Nation & Bennifer.

Special Notes:

Most of the people are listed by there real name & then by there known aliases. If no real name is known, they are listed by there alias. Aliases are listed by most recent & then any other that person has had, in order use.

Some might notice that E.C.O.L.I. & The Disgruntles are not listed as Foes. Yes they are, but the members are listed individually not as a group. The Disgruntles are listed that way because most of the members have fought Ham-Boy separately. E.C.O.L.I. are listed that way because I felt like it.


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