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The near complete writers notes on Hallie
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Hallie First name: Hallie

Last name: Undecided as of yet.

Also known as: H.A.L.L.I.E. , “Visionary II” (briefly)

Age: Her program has been running since November, 1998.


Her default appearance is of a young woman in her mid-to-late 20s with green skin, not-quite-shoulder length green hair and blue eyes (wouldn’t do to be totally monochromatic). Her overall look has become more detailed and photo-realistic as her program has advanced over the years.

When casually dressed, she seems to be wearing a vector-lined unitard, as the form fitting, wrinkle-free look requires less processing power to seem realistic. However, she can devote extra memory towards upgrading her appearance, including more elaborate clothing, more realistic skin tones, and (the biggie) realistic looking and moving hair.


Her most trusted friends include:
NTU-150 and Al B. Harper, both of whom she greatly admires and respects, and is known to often collaborate with both on technological work.
Visionary, a long time friend and the unknowing focus of her romantic interests.
Fleabot, who shares a common past with her as former tools/weapons of the Baron.
Others: Hallie considers the entire League of Regulars and Lair Legion to be friends as much as coworkers, and wouldn’t hesitate to help any one of them whenever possible. She has recently shown an interest in getting to know Mr. Epitome specifically.


The Apostate, for her role as “Visionary II” (See “Mob Rules”)
Virtual Zemo/Edwin/Ultizon, the three stages of identity of her malevolent sentient-computer-program predecessor.
Rikka Ulz Hagan, granddaughter of her creator, Dr. Ernst Ulz Vizhnar
Others: She has taken to following the exploits of the new Baroness Elizabeth von Zemo with equal amounts interest and suspicion.


When among friends, Hallie displays a warm, outgoing, natural personality with a sharp mind and a wry sense of humor. She is inquisitive (some would say downright nosey), and has the bad habit of eavesdropping and occasionally poking into private computer files and correspondences, though almost always for benign reasons like simple curiosity, being eager to observe how others behave and interact and thereby possibly learn new ways to improve own interactions. Somewhat hypocritically, she remains a very guarded, private person when it comes to details about herself, and can turn prickly when that privacy is invaded. Her appearance is of great importance to her, as it is the entirety of her physical existence. When unsure of herself or the situation, she often subconsciously defaults back towards a somewhat more basic computer personality, all too aware of her own nature as a computer program rather than a human being. The idea that she is alien to and separate from nearly all other sentient life on Earth drives a fear an loneliness that strives not to let others see.


Hallie began life as a sentient computer program developed for criminal mastermind Baron Zemo. Created by noted scientist Dr. Ernst Ulz Vizhnar, she was meant to replace Zemo’s last computer sentience, a “virtual clone” of his own mind which turned against him and became a villain in its own right. During the battle with this evil computer sentience (then named Virtual Zemo) Hallie teamed up with cyborg inventor NTU-150 and later the rest of the Lair Legion (as portrayed in the story “International Incident”). With the defeat of Virtual Zemo, she left the service of the Baron and eventually began acting as a resident AI for both the League of Regulars and the Lair Legion instead.

Details of Hallie’s creation later came to light when Virtual Zemo made a return (first disguised as the Legion’s new artificial entity EDWIN, and eventually evolving into the formidable robot Ultizon. See Untold Tales from around #110 -115 .) Here it was revealed that the basis for Hallie’s artificial mind was a copy of brain patterns from murdered grad student (and past associate of Al B. Harper) Helen McAllistair. While she shares similarities with the late Ms. McAllistair, Hallie insists that she is neither a virtual clone or ghost of this young woman, but rather something new.

Throughout the course of her life, Hallie has sought to improve herself through upgrades in order to make herself more indistinguishable from the rest of humanity, and has struggled to accept herself as a person in her own right. A major milestone was reached when she was recently offered membership in the Lair Legion itself, though she turned it down to continue to focus on her own personal development.


As a sentient computer program, Hallie is quite adept at most any computer related activity, manipulating data from within the system, so to speak. Her primary strengths are in programming and data management. Working alongside NTU, Al B. Harper and others, she has written and designed the code that runs many of the Lair Legions computer systems, and serves as general tech support for the team and their computers. In fact, by this point she has become so ingrained in the programming she has created for the team that it is hard to draw the line where it ends and she begins. As such, her role as the team’s resident A.I. leads her to routine duties such as handling communications and monitoring mansion security systems and various broadcast signals for signs of emergency.

Additionally, Hallie resides in and oversees the Virtual Realm, a V.R. program created by her evil predecessor, Virtual Zemo. While this world only exists within cyberspace (and the computer mainframes under the Mansion where Hallie’s core programming is located), people can access this photorealistic simulated world through VR helmets, giving them a completely immersive illusion of being there. Hallie has near total control of this world, and is able to totally recreate it to suit her desires or provide training and recreational activities for visitors.

Note: Physical objects and people were once able to enter this Virtual Realm, and virtual objects and people were able to exit it by use of Baron Zemo’s “Movie Gun”. Deemed to dangerous and unethical to be kept and used, the movie gun was dismantled and the blueprints for it hidden.


With the help emitters placed within the Lair Mansion, the Mansion’s grounds, Visionary’s condo and other locations, Hallie is able to manifest in the real world as a holographic image of a woman. Utilizing secrets learned from examination of the disassembled Movie Gun, NTU and Al Harper have been able to help her push the limits of holographic technology, combining it with electrical force fields and other breakthroughs to give Hallie’s holographic images the illusion of substance. She can pick up objects, touch and be touched. Most startlingly, many have even claimed to be able to smell her perfume.

Recently, she has begun using special, flying, bee-sized robots known as Holographic Emitter Drones (H.E.D.s) which allow her to manifest her holographic form wherever they can travel.


Hallie has near complete control of the Virtual Realm, which answers to her whims, giving her the appearance of godlike abilities to any visitors to her little corner of cyberspace.

She is able to redirect electrical current through the force fields that give her holograms the illusion of substance, releasing substantial shocks as an offensive weapon. The strength of the discharge depends on the amount of energy she has to draw upon. The Mansion power grid provides her with a substantial and easily tapped source for energy.

The HED units have the power of flight, allowing her holographic form to fly at the speeds approaching 50mph.


Like any computer program, Hallie requires power to be up and running at all times. Further, her core program requires a huge amount of memory and processing power to continue functioning. Currently, all of her needs are provided via generators and mainframes securely under the Lair Mansion.

The HED devices are limited in power, allowing her to generate only minor electrical shocks without tapping into another power source directly. Further, they only provide enough lift to allow her to carry objects under 1 lb. of weight while in flight.

While she is able to touch, move and lift heavier physical objects utilizing the force fields that give her the illusion of substance, her peak strength is less than that of the average human female.

The maximum durability of her holographic form is no more than that of hard plastic, and is nowhere near bulletproof, despite her ability to create illusions of other materials such as steel that are convincing to the look and touch.

Her nature allows her to divide her focus to multitask, but she cannot spread her consciousness too thinly without loosing some sense of ‘self’, and so cannot pay attention to all things equally. The more processing power she devotes to one task , the less she has to focus on others. And while she does not sleep, she does take time off for recreational pursuits, rest and personal development, just as any other employee or Legionnaire would need to do.

Hallie remains a valuable associate of the Lair Legion, and continues to develop at a remarkable rate, having recently turned her attentions from technological advancements to more personal ones in a quest to define herself and her place in the Parodyverse. At times any combination of warm & caring, flawed, vulnerable and competent, she is perhaps farther along in her quest than she realizes.

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