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Sun Feb 05, 2006 at 06:19:31 pm EST
And digging deep into old correspondence, here's some info on a seldom-seen PV hero...
Because HH and KS demanded it: KS Footnotes!

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Name: Fetish Lad

The Perverted Knight,

Real Name: Warren Kennedy-Rockefeller-Hearst-De Sade IV.

Age: 18

Occupation: Playboy/Sometime Superhero.

Origin (Briefly): After the murder of his parents, Warren was brought up by his trusted servant, Albert. As an inquisitive youth, Warren spent his time exploring the confines of his childhood home, the Kennedy-Rockefeller-Hearst Mansion. During this time, the lad found a secret passageway that led him below the mansion’s foundations, into a blackened cavern, and what he found both horrified and bewitched him.

The Fetish Cave as it is known was a collection brought together by all of Warren’s great ancestors into one place. Unspeakable acts of depravity are celebrated as physical art-forms; obscene artefacts culled from the history of the world are displayed proudly; manuscripts of banned novels, transcripts of sexual woe, and photos of impressively long appendages (male & female) are all here. And Warren begins to learn…

Upon his (early) graduation in engineering at MIT, Warren begins to explore the possibility of using his fetish knowledge for the force of good, to stop events such as the one that made him an orphan. Experimenting with technology and able to fashion useful equipment, he combines the two aspects of his expertise.


Fetish Lad’s costume is (seemingly) a one piece latex/rubber suit, complete with Gimp Mask, and while there seems to be no room for the adornment of equipment, the Perverted Knight seems to have an endless amount of “storage” – just don’t ask him where he puts it.

The Power Paddle: Fetish Lad’s greatest ally in combating evil. This paddle can deliver a blow 100 times stronger than the biggest spank. It can also transform into a cat ‘o nine tails for those difficult to reach areas.

Self-Binding Mimetic Rope – Once thrown, this gadget can apprehend the toughest of opponents. This handy device also helps FL move about the city, ala, Spider-man.

Ejaculator Ray – Stimulating areas of the brain, this captures all but the most frigid of villains, while they love it…12 settings.

Electric Nipple Clamps – Can deliver shocks up to 20,000 volts.

General Character

Warren, without his Fetish Lad persona, is a quiet lad: honourable, polite, and gentlemanly.
In the costume, he is extroverted, charismatic, flirts with absolutely everyone (without ever following through). Think Dr Frankenfurter from Rock Horror Picture Show.

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