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ags macharridan, chief exploder
Wed Jun 30, 2004 at 04:28:40 am EDT
So ye want to know about Detonator Hippos, do ye?
This is one interesting series, twists & turns abound! *question inside*

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Tue Jun 29, 2004 at 06:13:14 pm EDT

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Well laddie, there's many as would like tae know more aboot us. And many as speaks what doesn'ae ken what they are mouthing.

Detonator Hippos are a shy, retiring race living in the highland mudflats of Soctland. Dinnae believe those who say we're a belligerent band o' hooligans what enjoys using oor abilities tae make parts of our bodies explode tae pick fights with the raccoon people and the gravity whelks. That's just the lying maunderings of them who's missing a few teeth because we had tae be slapping them fer being cheeky.

In fact there's very few of us left the noo, savin for those of oor kind who hire oot tae do bodyguarding work for the Hedgehogs of Time. We scarecly come inta contacts with the hooman beings these days excepting when we're having tae be goin' to toon for the acquiring of the Whiskey. Aye, we ken there was a young hooman laddie who had oor powers a wee while back, but we recovered 'em afore he could do something dangerous.

In the whiles we remain available for any missions of derring-do and exploding, and we're accepting payment in whiskey, haggis, or non-faerie goldstuffs. Bear us in mind fer all your heavy combat and demolition needs.

Argus MacHarridan

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