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Tuesday, 06-Jul-1999 14:39:59 writes:

    I've just realized we all have nicknames, ala Spider-Man/Spidey. I think there are only a couple posters who don't. Hmm, let's see. Also, what descriptive term do you think would be good for our fellow BZLers? Y'know, Batman is the Caped Crusader, etc.

    Jarvis - Jarv, Jarvy
    Lisa - Lise
    Visionary - Vizh
    Fing Fang Foom - FFF, Foom, Foomy
    Messenger - Messy
    Hatman - Hatty, Hat
    CrazySugarFreakBoy - CSFB
    DarkHwk - Darky
    Dark Knight - DK
    Sersi - Serse
    Baron Zemo - Zemes
    Hooded Hood - Hood, Hoody
    Cap - Capster (?)
    spiffy - spiff, spiffster (?)
    Starseed - 'Seed
    Melissa - 'Lissy (to Jarvis, anyway :)

    A lot of us have nicknames that are shortened (w/exceptions) versions of our names. I think the only ones who don't are Yo, Cobra, Cheryl, Donar, and Moo. Okay, who did I miss? :)

    Now then, descriptive terms. Here are the ones I can think of that we have off-hand.

    CSFB - The Wired Wonder
    Hatman - The Capped Crusader
    Lisa - First Lady of the Lair Legion
    Space Ghost - The Pantless Wonder
    Messenger - The Postman

    What else?


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