Baron Zemo
Chronicler of Stories
Fin Fang Foom
Hollywood V
I Am From Beyond
The Shaper of Worlds
Space Ghost



Real name: Heinrich Zemo

Other aliases: Dr. Zemo, The Masked Monarch

Group affiliation: Founder and leader of the Scourge of Baron Zemo’s Lair (formerly the League of Left Outs) and the Anti AMB radicals.

Base of Operations:  formerly a $250 million castle, now at the "Scourge of Motels"

History:  Once a peaceful, on-topic poster at the Alvaro boards, Baron Zemo was drove into insanity when he became fascinated with a parody by Jarvis that featured him. Unfortuantley, he was killed in that parody and apparently not ressurected. After that incident Zemo decided that the only way to entertain himself was to write parodies so he invaded the AMB and wrote countless parodies dealing with his domination of the board.  However, according to Jarvis, "...the ironic thing is , when I wrote that parody , I mentioned that a few posters survived , and he was actually meant to be one of those few posters ! So his entire villainous career, megalomaniacal scheming and mental adversity to butlers is for nothing but a simple miscommunication. Go fig."  When Jarvis formed his League of Regulars, Zemo and several other frequent posters were infuriated that they were not included in the line-up.  Zemo gathered these posters and formed the League of Left Outs, which would serve as the Regulars’ rival group. Eventually Zemo and several other posters wrote too many stories which caused the Great AMB Parody Flood of 1998.  The moderators of the AMB, Tomas and Paradox, started warning the posters about the overwhelming number of parodies that threatened to flood the board.  Several AMB regulars sought a solution to the problem. Zemo then created his lair to house the Parodyverse. Here, he rules supreme.

Sex:  Male

Powers and abilities:  Baron Zemo is a genius, whose inventions include the stone gun and other wacky pieces of junk. He has some Makluan power rings lying around somewhere,  a cosmic cube, and a bio modem.

Appearance:  Baron Zemo generally looks like Marvel Comic's Baron Zemo.

Favorite things to do: Destroy and conquer things.



Real name: Banjooooo, King of the Sea Monkeys

Other aliases: none

Group affiliation:   Lair Legion formerly League of the Forgotten

Base of Operations:   Undersea kingdom of sea monkeys

History:  Once a Sea Monkey raised by Space Ghost, on the television program, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Banjooooo was horribly murdered by Space Ghost after growing to an incredible size and becoming evil. Luckily, he recovered, got even bigger. Banjooooo first appeared on Alvaro's boards, with sparse postings on the MUB, and others. He then became a firm follower of the AMB, and has stayed with it ever since. He was IGNORED for membership in the two main groups, but when HV formed his free-for-all group, the League of the Forgotten, he became a valued member , and that lasted for a mere 2 days.  Soon, after the Great AMB Parody Flood of 1998, he migrated to Baron Zemo’s Lair. Contrary to popular belief, it was HE, and not Lisa to post first on the board  (not counting Baron Zemo himself, of course). This fact makes him feel all special. Since then he has done much and accomplished much good.

Powers and abilities: (As of yet.) Being 75 feet tall, and still going anywhere he wants, without worrying about fitting. As a sea-monkey, he has a number of powers, many of which are still undiscovered.  His known powers include flying,  the ability to go to the Happy Place without stress, the power that cancels out that other and an anti-mind control power.  Like all sea-monkeys, he can breathe underwater, but he is also able to breathe air and even survive in space.

Sex: [insert clever comment here] or Male

Appearance: Banjooooo looks like those cartoony sea-monkeys from the old comic ads or those from Space Quest 5.  The main difference is that he is 75 feet tall.



Real name: Cheryl

Other aliases:  none

Relationship Status: Married to Visionary

Group affiliation:  Independent; Lair Legion associate

Base of Operations: Shares condo with Visionary in the suburbs of the Parodyverse (currently undergoing renovation)

History: Parents met somewhere in Parma, Ohio. One thing led to another and… Cheryl first appeared in the Parodyverse when Visionary conceived a rather dastardly plan of gaining popularity on the board.  Cheryl fortunately convinced him not to become an evil, foregin, inhuman woman, thus sparing the denizens of Baron Zemo’s Lair from much insanity. She then moved into the Parodyverse officially with her paordy, “A Day in the Life of Cheryl,” which was co-authored by Visionary.  She has since become a well-established member of the BZL community whose popularity at first surpassed even Visionary’s. Well-known for her patience and kindness, Cheryl is always willing to lend a helping hand. When crossed, however, she can be a dangerous adversary. Cheryl prefers to keep to the sidelines and watch the entertaining misadventures of her fellow posters with bemused interest.  Her closest allies are Lisa and Visionary. Her enemies are Claremont and Visionary from time to time (when she’s miffed at him).

Occupation:  Electrical Engineer slaving away in a cubicle of a Dilbert-like high-tech firm.

Sex: Female

Powers and abilities: Cheryl is inhumanly patient and quite skilled at manipulating others. She also has the skill of an exper electrical engineer. Her abilities are used for good, not evil.

Appearance:  Cheryl is a normal woman with short, shoulder length blonde hair.



Real name: unknown

Other aliases: The Dark Knight

Group affiliation:  Formerly a reserve member of the Lair Legion, cases in his personal life demand too much time for him to be a full time member.  Currently independent.

Base of Operations:  libraries and places of knowledge

History:   The individual known as the Dark Knight appeared on the AMB and quickly followed the Parodyverse into Baron Zemo's Lair after the Great AMB Parody Flood of 1998.  There, he joined the League of Regulars as an intelligent, highly skilled and enigmatic fighting machine.  However, when John Byrne and the Anti-Comic-Book-Creators attacked the Parodyverse during the "Vendetta" storyline, the Dark Knight lost his life when Byrne's castle fortress exploded after the Dark Knight confronted him to save the Parodyverse.  Recently, the Dark Knight has somehow been resurrected as a being of pure creativity known as the Chronicler of Stories.  At present, the Chronicler resides at public libraries trying to read everything ever written for some unknown purpose.

Sex: Male

Powers and abilities:  As the Dark Knight,  he had the uncanny ablility to disappear, instantaneously, from any female within a forty mile radius who shows an . . . interest . . . in him. He was a consumnate martial artist and tactical genius; scourge of no talent writers and egotistical, cowardly maniacs everywhere. The Knight was also beloved by many females on campus for his supposedly "wonderful" ability to write poetry, which annoys him to no end. Also swings a mean 9 iron.

As the Chronicler of Stories, the full extent of his powers are unknown.  So far, it has been revealed that he knows almost everything ever written, he can read at incredible speeds and can predict the future.

Appearance: Not fully determined.  As the Dark Knight, he resembled DC's Batman.



Real name: Gavan Carstensen

Other aliases: none

Group affiliations: Lair  Legion

Base of Operations:  Ausgard

History: Donar was once a mild mannered reporter for the Daily Bugle, when he was bitten by a radioactive Asgardian bat. This gave him many powers, (as radiation does) and endless copyright infingements from
various heroes after a quick and easy buck. To avoid this from stopping his career, he made a deal with
Malbolegnaise and was brought to the parodiverse by a crow, which told him, "With Great Power, Comes Some Guy Who Will Retcon Your Entire Life." Donar once crashed through Cheryl's and Visionary's wall, and commented on how nice the place looked. Recently, in a legal battle with various superheroes who were claiming copyright infringement, Donar was made to call Mjalcom, his enchanted weapon, Mjalcom™.  Also, Donar has been made one of the newest members of the Lair Legion.

Sex: Male

Powers and abilities: Donar possessed great strength which comes from his long hair.  He also has a Donar-sense, which is the ability to sense danger after it has happened. This Donar-sense is also referred to as "Pain"  Donar also possesses Mjalcom™, an enchanted pick-handle-with-a-magic-nail-in-it. Mjalcom™'s Enchantments the ability to return to Donar’s hand when thrown, thanks to a little "Property of Donar" sticker on the handle, the ability to grant others temporary "Donar-sense" when applied forcefully around the head and groin areaand the ability to summon pizza, when used in conjunction with a phone.  Donar is capable of flight by throwing Mjalcom™ and saying "Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up....FLY, DAMMIT!!!

Appearance: Donar resembles Thor from Avengers vol. 3 #2-3, but the costume will be constanly changing due to future lawsuits from pissed-off Marvel characters claiming trademark infringements.

Likes: Hitting people with Mjalcom™.

Dislikes:People hitting him with Mjalcom™.



Real name: Fin Fang Foom

Other aliases: none

Group affiliations: Lair Legion (formerly League of Regulars), and honorary AWMLer. Also part of the special task force created to keep tabs on Baron Zemo (Adventures in the BZL #1).

Base of Operations:  His house

History:  Fin Fang Foom’s original human body was killed when Crisis on Infinite Earths spilled over into reality in '86. His soul wandered into the Marvel Universe, and got stuck in the body of Marvel’s Fin Fang Foom. He has been a superhero ever since.

Dark Knight and Fin Fang Foom met each other in our heroic IDs when the femme fatale Abstractica caused comic universes to spill over to reality again. They were both trapped fighting each other in the Deathmaze, a lethal arena of traps set up by Arcade. Fin Fang Foom was stuck in reality when the heroes left.

He then crash-landed in the Iron Man Message Board (The Invincible IMB #404). He was a double agent a little while after that.  He was originally a part of Zemo’s League of Left Outs, but then switched over to the side of the League of Regulars. Fin Fang Foom has been hanging out in the building ever since.

Sex: Male

Powers and abilities:  Fin Fang Foom is a shapeshifting alien (Makluan) dragon, and he can make himself really big, small, and whatever form he pleases. He is already nearly indestructible, but his shapeshifting can work as a healing factor. He can fly, and shapeshift his brain so he’s a techno-genius, breathe nuclear energy, and shapeshift to incredible degrees.  If disintegrated, he can pull himself back together.



Real name: presumed to be Hollywood V

Other aliases: The Old Wolf, The Astro Kid, Ritalin V and countless others

Group Affiliation:   founder of the League of the Forgotten; currently minority villain representative of the Lair Legion.

Base of Operations: A cozy loft in the BZL.

History:  No living man can trace the origin of Hollywood V.  Pieced together from small bits of information, it is known that he can count  his years in centuries if not millenia.  A man who has played a critical role in many pivotal events, he was a hero until he ventured to the AMB.  Driven beyond the rage which any one man could contain (and if I told YOU about it, it would surely drive you mad as well), he turned to villainy, often teaming up with, or competing against Baron Zemo for dominance of the world.  No matter how long he may disappear, one thing is known for sure.  Hollywood V will always return.

Sex: Male

Powers and abilities: Hollywood V is unbelievably wise and knowledgable, and is said to have unimaginable intelligence.  Hollywood V also has power over the ancient art of "the will and the word", growing so powerful in its use that his will alone can reshape reality.  Channeled through an ancient staff and the midnite black orb held at its peak with ravenous claws as durable as stone, Hollywood V can create or alter anything his heart desires.

Favorite things to do: Subjugate the entire populace of the world.



Real name:  unknown

Other aliases:  The Grim Reaper, many others not yet known.

Group affiliation:   Independent

Base of Operations:  none

History:  None to date, unless you count his being mistaken for somebody else.

Sex: Male

Powers and abilities: At  present, they are unknown.

Appearance: Just like the Beyonder himself, he takes the form of the King himself.



Real name: Jarvis

Other aliases:  Jarvikins (by Lisa only)

Relationship Status:  In  a relationship with Lisa.

Group affiliation:   Lair Legion (formerly League of Regulars) leader; Anti-Byrne League; Anti-Wonder Man League

Base of Operations:  The Lair

History: An adventurer on an expedition into Antarctica, Jarvis was the sole survivor of his group and stumbled upon the lost city of Shangrala, where he fell in love with and married the woman known as Lo-chi.  After accidentally killing Lo-chi's brother in a duel,  Jarvis was outcast and Lo-chi went mad, unning off into the snow.  She survived, but in the process went insane and lost the baby she was carrying, and one day returned to slaughter everyone in Shangrala. Jarvis, meanwhile, nearly dead , stumbled upon a mysterious alien temple that imbued him with the all-powerful JarvisCosmic .  At first , he couldn't control it,and a wave of JarvisCosmic energy exploded out of him,creating a new reality called the Parodyverse.  Lo-chi and TMWWT have also gained their powers from the same alien structure, the origin of which has yet to be revealed. He eventually joined the League of Regulars, fathered one of Lisa's six children, had his powers stolen by the evil spiffy, a.k.a. stiffy, was framed for murder by M.O.B.,  took a leave of absence from the League of Regulars in which he found Lo-chi was still alive, and has since returned to the group.  His best friend in the group is NTU-150,and he is in a semi-serious relationship with the League of Regulars's own Lisa Waltz, nymphomaniacal lawyer at large.  Both Jarvis and Lisa have begun to have thoughts about seriously commiting.

Sex:  Male

Powers and abilities: Jarvis has no special powers at present. Jarvis formerly possessed JarvisCosmic, capable of doing almost anything.

Appearance: Jarvis is a tall,blonde-haired man who constantly wears a tuxedo.

Special Notes: Never , EVER compare Jarvis to Uatu unless you are prepared to suffer serious internal injuries.



Real name: Lisa Waltz

Other aliases: The Advocatrix, That Damn Slut!!!

Relationship Status:  In  a relationship with Jarvis

Group affliation:   Lair Legion (formerly League of Regulars)

Base of Operations:  The Lair

History: As a troubled teenager, Lisa was imprisoned on several counts of child molestation and sexual deviancy. After being sprung early for good behavior, Lisa went to law school in order to get free legal advice. Having bribed her way into the Bar, Lisa continues to pursue a mixed career of law, vigilante-style justice and lurid nymphomania. During her first appearance in the Parodyverse, Lisa fathered six children by six different individuals including Pietro, evil spiffy, and Wonderman.  Soon afterwards, she was made one of the founding members of the League of Regulars.  She currently lives with Jarvis at Baron Zemo's Lair with her six children (although evil spiffy jr. is still presumed missing).  BTW: it doesn't matter whose side you're on, no one is safe from Lisa's depraved appetites, especially not spiffy and Banjooooo. Lisa has a distinct fondness for Coolwhip, chocolate sauce, chocolate sprinkles, peeled grapes and other "interesting" and versatile food items.

Sex: …nah…way too easy…Female
Powers and abilities:  razor-sharp briefcase; deadly lawsuit missiles; and the mysterious subpoena power that allows Lisa to summon even the gods themselves into the courtroom.

Weaknesses:  Lisa can't bear to hurt cute animals.  She is easily distracted by "toys," has secret, unrequited crushes on Baron Zemo and other people; and, worst of all, had unprotected sex with Wonderman a some time ago when she was thoroughly drunk.

Appearance: Lisa is  5'5",  approximately 120 lbs, has a fair complexion, very long, wavy, reddish-brown hair and big hazel eyes. Outside of the Parodyverse, real Lisa wears linen suits. In the Parodyverse, Lisa favors black leather and studs.



Real name: Daio Waltz

Other aliases: The Diabolical Dr. Moo

Group affiliation:  Independent

Base of Operations:  Unknown

History:   Moo is Lisa's older sister who invaded the Parodyverse and decided to become a villainess because Lisa had been so busy at Baron Zemo's Lair, she hadn't had time to edit a story Moo had sent her. She is a truly cruel and evil person and will stop at nothing my my quest to get Lisa to edit my prose.  She has even shown an appetite for bunnies, something which has bothered Lair Legion member, Yo, since Moo's arrival.  Recently, Moo managed to obtain Lisa's Parodyverse linking device, which allows Lisa to access the Parodyverse.  With it, she captured Lisa and blackmailed her into editing Moo's prose.

Sex: Female

Powers and abilities: Moo has control of the power of the digestive end-product of an uncastrated male ruminant of the species bos taurus - i.e. B.S. Also more of that - i.e. M.S. and pile it higher and deeper - i.e. Ph.D. Moo also has the ability to give anyone a sudden and overpowering desire for real dairy products - i.e. "Got Milk?"

Appearance: Moo is about 5'8" tall, voluptous (otherwise known as slightly zaftig) with either the head of a Jersey cow or dark blonde shoulder-length curls and dark hazel eyes.



Real name: Jamie Bautista

Other aliases: none

Relationship Status: In  a relationship with Tina.
Group affiliation:  Lair Legion (formerly League of Regulars).

Base of Operations:  His own home

History: NTU-150 was a man who was injured in a grave car accident. It was only by creating a wonderful suit of robotic armor that he survives today. NTU-150's brain basically works on overload, and before he was horribly mangled in that car crash and suited up as NTU-150, he actually was a doctor, an inventor, and a scientist . His brain actually uses 99% of it's capacity , so he was dabbling in various fields of science before the accident.

 Once, NTU-150 mistakenly thought Vision and Tomas were different people, but he was rescued by Jarvis . Jarvis then aided NTU-150 in another id mishap concerning Firestar Artemis' gender. In gratitude, NTU-150 joined Jarvis in the League of Regulars. In one battle, however, NTU-150's armor was severely damaged and his incapacitated body was left in cryogenics while his armor underwent extensive repairs. During this time, he was unable to participate in many of the League of Regulars's battles with Baron Zemo's League of Left Outs. NTU-150 was left doing household chores and monitor duty with his consciousness tapped into the Regular's mansion. He manifested himself in hologram form, which was restricted to the mansion. However, his armor was repaired just in time to aid his comrades during their defeat at Zemo's hands. NTU-150 was apparently killed by the Obliterator during a battle staged by Zemo and the Parody Master, but his strange regeneration power saved him.  NTU-150 has also survived having his throat slashed by Michael Myers during a Halloween attack by monsters.

When the Parodyverse underwent several Titanic parodies, NTU-150 was called upon to create the gigantic vehicles needed.  However, since they were Titanic parodies, both the airship, Hindenburg, and the ship, Dussanberg, went down.  NTU-150 experienced great depression due to the failure of both his inventions.  To redeem himself, he decided to create the world's largest bus.  After all, if land and sea vehicles were his downfall, surely a land vehicle would be his salvation.  Unfortunately, no one in BZL wanted to ride the mammoth bus except Lisa, who then managed to convince everyone to ride.  Unfortunately, Zemo, the only one who didn't ride, rigged the bus with a bomb.  While everyone escaped, NTU-150 has yet to create an invention that doesn't malfunction or backfire.

At present, NTU-150 is in a rather serious relationship with Tina, a relatively normal girl who doesn't fully understand the BZL, but tries because of her love for NTU.  His best friend in the Lair Legion is Jarvis, although during M.O.B.'s scheme to frame Jarvis for murder, NTU-150 was unwittingly used by the prosecution to further their case.  Luckily, the scheme was foiled and the two remain friends.  NTU-150 also has a close friendship with Yo, whose genderless nature has sent NTU-150 into mental convulsions more than once.  At present, NTU-150 continues to serve as a proud Lair Legion member and he is still trying to invent the ultimate invention that will establish him as BZL's ultimate technological genius.

Sex: Male

Powers and abilities: The NTU-150 is a mostly robotic body armor which houses what is left of his mangled body. Lost appendages have been replaced with mechanical ones that are part of the armor. Thus, the armor/robot body contains many armaments like repulsors, armor-piercing bullets, pulse bolts, and other weapons found in many of the Iron Man armors which was the inspiration for NTU-150's own armor.

Appearance:  NTU-150 has modeled his armor after the NTU-150 remote unit armor of Iron Man.



Real name: Penny Christopoulos

Other aliases: none

Group affliation: Scourge of Baron Zemo's Lair (formerly the League of Left-outs)

Base of Operations:  The Constallation

History:  Pegasus was recruited by Zemo into his League of Left Outs while she was posting around the AMB.  She then fought alongside the League of Left Outs even after the Parodyverse moved to Baron Zemo's Lair.  What she usually does at the BZL and the AMB is argue and defend the Witch who has been behaving badly lately.  She is basically the Sersi of the BZL. Also, she is still single (divorced) and is a Mother of some inhuman monsters who took after their Dad! (just kidding). Unlike Lisa, she does not play with Cool Whip, she usually uses whipped cream, but she claims she is not saint or anything. She has been known to declare, "You can smash me and bash me but always remember, I am an Immortal! That means I smash back bucko!"  This aggressive and persuasive attitude was most apparent when she managed to convince Baron Zemo to change the name of the team from the League of Left Outs to the Scourge of Baron Zemo's Lair.

Sex: Female

Powers and abilities: Pegasus  has the ability to transform from a human w/ wings (ala the Angel) and a flying horse.  As a human with wings, Penny can fly, throw balls of cosmic power (which look like comets) that can change her enemies into pigs, rodents, etc. As a winged horse, Pegasus can travel at warp speed, wrinkle time to travel faster in a shorter time frame and carry others into space (although this hampers her speed). Pegasus is also Immortal. She can be hurt, but cannot be killed.  To exist in the Constallation she must assume her role as a keeper of the stars but she can become human for a time period though not for more than a day.

Favorite food: Whatever!

Appearance: In human form, Penny has dark brown hair with auburn highlights. It is about 5inches below the shoulders and kinda wavy.  She is not too tall: 5'3.5"  with a small build but a little curvy thanks to middle age. She has brownish/green eyes and is a Capricorn. Her costume is fairy-like with a white greek robe look on top and a flimsy light blue fabric for a skirt that looks like petals. Her alter-ego is a white horse with stardust flowing from her mane and magnificent wings.  She wear rings around her neck like Saturn does but in blues and purple (just for fun of course).



Real name: Carrington

Other aliases:  The Man Who Wasn't There, The Man Who's Everywhere, TMWIRTMTABE (what this stands for is unknown)

Group affiliation:  Lair Legion Associate, mostly independent, formerly League of Left Outs.

Base of Operations:  None

History:  Originally went by several names, until becoming The Man Who Wasn't There. As TMWWT, he was able to not be there at the (in)convenient of times. He also happened to be instrumental in defeating Anti-Jarvis by creating a paradox with himself and The Man Who's Always There. He joined Zemo's League of Left Outs, and was cloned by Zemo. The clone then infiltrated the League of Regulars, where then Zemo eventually would activate a sleeper program inside the clone's head.

It turned out that the League of Regulars had a winning $250M lottery which Zemo stole to build an enormous castle. The clone of TMWWT was blamed for the theft, and in the resultant Kangaroo court was disbanded from the League of Regulars.

The clone of TMWWT wandered around the Parodyverse until he found himself in Antarctica where he found the same alien edifice which gave Jarvis his powers. TMWWT's clone then become The Man Who's Everywhere.

As TMWE, he sought vengeance on the League of Regulars just as Zemo put his master plan into action (the one he had put together in his $250M castle). As it turned out, TMWWT--the real one--was also there, and he merged with TMWE, becoming TMWIRTMTABE.  They continued merging until they became one being, now known as The Shaper of Worlds.

Sex: Male

Powers and abilities: The Shaper has the power to make dreams happen if he concentrates hard enough, but it is NOT a deus ex machina plot device--the power has limitations, but those limitation can be overcome. The Shaper can alter his form (and does so fairly often), so he may not be always as above described. Sometimes, the Shaper's power can cause him to be perceived by others as how they choose to perceive him.

Appearance: The Shaper is a man made of energy (like Yo), with a flaming aura around his body.



Real name: Space Ghost

Other aliases:  Vision Boy

Group affiliation:   Lair Legion, GAAAAAHHHH!!! League.

Base of Operations:  His own home

History:  At first he was Vision Boy,the son of Vision and Scarlet Witch, then Bryne retconned him from existence. Then he suddenly found himself on the Jerry Springer show, and Jerry told him he was the bastard son of the original Space Ghost from the 60's and Madonna. So he confronted Madonna and she didn't recognize him, so he whacked her with the 50-pound trout. Then he confronted SPACE GHOST 1, and he told explained that Space Ghost 2 was his past self.  This caused a massive identity crisis and 100 absences from the AMB.  So one day he went to the Avengers mansion, and told Vizh and Wanda he was their son.  They said that their kids were killed by Mestipho. Suddenly it all came back to them.  They only had one kid, Vision Boy/Space Ghost, but Bryne retconned him (and he was this close to getting a mini-series) and put those 2 kids (those in the Marvel comics) in his place . But upon realizing this, Wonderman went nuts and wrecked the Avengers mansion, and wrecked Vision Boy / Space Ghost.  Doctor Pym repaired him, but he was just a human afterwards.  Then Bryne retconned him again and sent him back in time to the 60's, where he became Space Ghost.  But after his show got cancelled, he came back to the 90's where he got a deal with the Cartoon Network,  and joined the League of Regulars.  Space Ghost is currently also in almost every-other group out there.  When Lector attacked Baron Zemo's Lair and possessed his fellow Regular, Starseed,  Space Ghost was forced to kill Starseed with his newly develping GAAAAHHHH!!! power.  Not long after, Space Ghost seemingly died defeating the Anti-Space Ghost League (whose ranks included Jim Carey and Gary Coleman), but may return to the Parodyverse soon.

Sex: Male

Powers and abilities:   Space Ghost possesses a spank ray, which has the power to…spank people.  He has also recently developed the ability to use GAAAAHHHH!!! Power which, due to its complete disregard of all that is logical, can do just about anything.

Appearance:   He looks like Space Ghost except he has hair showing (similar to Justice, and its brown too),and he has a short, brown, pointy goatee and some stub since he doesn't shave often.  He has one big, oddly shaped eye and one small, oddly shaped eye, no pupils, and white teeth.  Space Ghost is also pretty damn tall .



Real name: spiffy

Other aliases: none

Group Affiliation:  Lair Legion (formerly League of Regulars), former member of AMB heroes

Base of Operations:  spiffy's mansion

History: spiffy started out as a simple poster on the AMB, and he's pretty much stayed that way. He was known as a Justice fan who had the unique tagline, "I'm a fern."  He participated in most major battles on the side of the League of Regulars, except that he wasn't around for most of them. During the first battle between the League of Regulars and the League of Left Outs, the spy Fin Fang Foom stepped on spiffy and Lisa. Under extreme mental stress, spiffy transported both of them to the Happy Place. Knowing that they would be needed in the battle, spiffy tried to send them back, but succeeded only in sending Lisa back. He instead was transported to the Not-So-Happy-Place, where he spent the next several months before being saved by the Dark Knight. During those months, he was replaced by evil spiffy, who remains at large. With spiffy's return, he rejoined the LoR and has been adventuring with them ever since. Being underaged, spiffy is one of the few people who hasn't been "involved" with Lisa and that probably won't change for a while now. evil spiffy, however, sired one of her children, whom is currently missing. And no one went looking for him. The humanity.

Sex: Male

Powers and abilities:   spiffy does not possess any superhuman powers or abilities.

Appearance: The real spiffy has NO FERN.



Real name: Manuel

Other aliases: Supreme GAAAAAHHH!!!

Group affiliation: Lair Legion (formerly League of Regulars), GAAAAHHHHH!!! League (Supreme GAAHH!!!),  Anti-Wonder Man League, Keith Giffen League, Anti-Wolverine League (Founder)

Base of Operations: The Parodyverse's own Steel Town, legendary Pittsburgh!

History:  The man who would be Starseed was once an ordinary guy named Manuel. That all changed, though, when a trip through Europe took a turn for the worse. An automobile accident sent him flying, a victim of the explosion. Near death, Manuel would have surely died, if he hadn't been fotunate enough to find refuge in a cave. While making his way through the cave, Manuel fell into a seemingly bottomless hole. He fell for what felt like an eternity, until he hit ground, losing consciousness in the process. When he awoke, he found himself in an abandoned temple. While investigating his surroundings, he came across a glowing orb. He picked it up to get a closer look, but dropped it, causing the equivalent of an atomic bomb explosion. His body absorbed the released energies, imbuing him with the awesome GAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Power. Generally a nice guy, Starseed is pretty easy-going and laid back regarding most things. He can be a perfectionist when it comes to his work though, and getting him pissed is a good way to get maimed. Luckily, it's hard to get him pissed...
Starseed was killed in the battle with Lector and his zombies (by Space Ghost, no less!), but was recently ressurected as a being of pure GAAAAHHHH!!! energy.  He is allies with just about everyone.  His enemies include the Anti-Starseed Mime, the French, the Christian Coalition and the Nazis.

Occupation: Adventurer

Sex: Male

Powers and abilities: Starseed utilizes the GAAAAHHH!!! Power, which, due to its complete disregard of all that is logical, can do just about anything.


IP: various

Real name:  Adam

Other aliases:  The Apostate (although this could be a separate being)

Relationship Status: Married to Visionary

Group affiliation:   Lair Legion, formerly League of the Forgotten

Base of Operations: Shares condo with Cheryl in the suburbs of the Parodyverse (currently undergoing renovation)

History: The beginnings of Visionary are currently a matter of debate.  Some say that he is a wonderfully complex machine, a marvel of modern engineering. Others argue that he is merely a less-than-stellar example of biology. Both sides can agree on one thing, however:  His entry into the Parodyverse and subsequent adventures within have been less than stunningly successful.

Visionary's first appearance is lost within the archives of the Avengers Message Board.  While the story-line is only a faint memory, it is known that Jarvis was the first to write of him and his entire role consisted of one line:  "So, things are pretty grim, huh?"  Even though this line was no doubt delivered with the finest inflections and timing, Visionary was not to appear in another Parody for quite some time.

The legendary war between Jarvis and Zemo erupted on the AMB, a war which would come close to the destruction of the Parodyverse itself before finally sending the beleaguered universe into exile.  Even though he had been posting regularly on the AMB for over six months, he failed to make the cut into Jarvis' League of Regulars.  Likewise, he was left out of Zemo's League of the Left-outs.  So close to his dream of stardom a short while before, it seemed he would be doomed to fade once again into obscurity.

As is so often the case, opportunity came knocking when things looked most grim.  As a flashing 'Parody Warning Light' foreshadowed the end of the wars, a third league was created.  This 'League of the Forgotten' would change Visionary's life.  Not only did it include future Regular teammate Banjoooo, but, more importantly, it had no membership criteria and would accept all comers.

Realizing the importance of making a good first impression, Visionary went to the trouble of designing a crime fighting costume before making his dramatic re-appearance into the Parodyverse.  Unfortunately, he was a bit misguided in his design inspiration.  Introducing himself to the LotF as 'Visionary, the Forgotten One', Visionary stepped from a darkened alley to reveal the fact that he was wearing a skirt and a 'cow-head'.  His
Gilgamesh costume earned him the scorn of his teammates and a beating from animal rights activists.

Once more, this could have ended his career in parodies.  Things were especially grim in that his introduction had been added onto a round-robin which, unbeknownst to Visionary, had been continued in another thread at
the top of the board.  Buried beneath old messages, the first self-written parody may have languished, if not for a certain lawyer.  Lisa, whom some call a muse, some call a cheerleader, and some call... well... umm.... let's just say 'overly friendly', responded with a favorable review, one which gained the attention of Banjooo.  With two positive responses under his belt, Visionary was ready for his shot at the big time!

But trouble was brewing once again.  The Parodyverse left for self-imposed exile on the newly created board 'Baron Zemo's Lair'.  Unsure of himself in these new surrounding, Visionary was left to lurk for a few weeks, studying the denizens of the BZL and biding his time.

Finally, he had deduced the patterns that lead to success in the Parodyverse (namely, that evil, inhuman, foreign women were the most popular posters of all).  It was time to make his first showing at Zemo's Lair.  Instead of an actual story, it took the form of an essay on popularity, climaxing in a scene with Visionary and his wife.

Once again, this might have been the end of his career.  This time, however, it was a response from Yo which was to jump start his Parodyverse persona for good.  Yo innocently joked that he was also a 'foreign woman'
(although whether or not this is a joke has never been concretely established).  NTU, who had been burned by such revelations before, was sent reeling by the admission, and soon the whole board was in an uproar.

Visionary, however, had been taught to clean up after himself.  From this mess would come his first multi-part, large cast parody... "The Mystery of Being Yo".  This would, unintentionally, establish Yo as a being made up of 'Pure Thought Energy'.  (The revelation was intended as part of a hallucination by NTU, but would become a part of continuity).  Visionary's own role in the parody, however, would be rather small.  Kicked out a
window by Lisa, he would barely escape becoming mulch for Baron Zemo's perennials (a plot twist that seemed to make a lot more sense at the time.)

One should note that Visionary's early relationship with Lisa was rather tense, even though she had played a large part in encouraging his career. This was due to his innate fear of lawyers.  To this day, an underlying thread of fear runs through many of his scenes with her.  This is not helped by her constant threats of death and violence on his person included with her praise of his work.

Though he now had his foot in the door and was being noticed, Visionary was still fighting off obscurity.  When his efforts to work himself into the story of Jarvis' Trial went awry (he was left to take care of the stopped up toilet in Jarvis' cell).  Getting an agent (Bernie) didn't help matters.  Visionary found himself up for the role of Boiler Operator #4 and Floating Dead Guy #107 in Starseed's production of 'The Hindenberg'.  In one of his more intelligent moments, Visionary realized that the Hindenberg was a Zeppelin, and unlikely to have Boilers.  Bernie was unmasked to be Lisa (thus reinforcing that fear) who was trying to coax a fake confession out of Visionary for the crimes of her client, Jarvis.  (On a side note, while it has yet to be concluded, Visionary did not land any parts in 'The Hindenberg', but then, he didn't go to jail for crimes he didn't commit, either.)

It was soon after that the League of Irregulars arrived in Visionary's den. Lead by the chillingly brutal Anti-Jarvis, and featuring Visionary's own evil opposite, they captured him and used his condo as the base for their
invasion of the Parodyverse.  In one of his finer moments, Visionary was able to escape and spread the word of the invasion to more competent characters Lisa and NTU-150.  He would then fight along side the entire
population of Baron Zemo's Lair (minus spiffy, left out by request, and Pegasus, who hadn't been posting in a while) against the Irregulars.  It is believed that his performance in this war is what lead to Jarvis
considering him for his eventual membership in the esteemed League of Regulars (Note: some scholars believe his membership was payback for Jarvis destroying the east wall of Visionary's condo during the conflict.  If sucha deal was struck between Jarvis and Cheryl, records of it have been destroyed.)

Soon after, Zemo made a pact with an entity that could control the dreams of the posters.  As a result, the members of the BZL were forced to confront their worst nightmare.  While 'Visionary's Dream' was not the first time Byrne appeared to spread his evil in the Parodyverse, he was not as established there as he is now.

Taking time off following the 'Irregulars' ordeal, he was able to spend more time with his long suffering wife.  It was then that she made her first full appearance as 'Cheryl', as opposed to the more generic 'Visionary's wife'.  Here we learned more personal details of the man, such as his love for football.  Cheryl, however, would quickly eclipse him in popularity, appearing in more posts in the twenty-four hours following her introduction than he had in the weeks he had been present.   However, her inexperience would lead to trouble.  After some early, polite friction with Space Ghost, she and Lisa found themselves under the control of Claremont. Together, the female posters set off to enslave the male population of the board.  They might have succeeded, if not for Visionary's unlikely heroics. In his only role to date as the man who saves the day, he freed them from Claremont's control.

His career was taking off.  What was a minor role in the epic 'The Dussanberg' became meatier as the ship sunk.  Most importantly, Jarvis was forced to take a leave of absence from the Regulars.  To fill the gap left by his departure, Visionary and Starseed were nominated for active membership.

As a member of the Regulars, Visionary was to organize the Lotto pool. Beating the odds, the Regulars won and found themselves with a ticket worth $250 million.  However, little did they suspect that new member TMWWT was actually a clone planted within the Regulars by Baron Zemo.  This would ultimately lead to the bizarre creation of the Shaper of Worlds and to Zemo building a $250 million castle.

Immediately following that, the Parodyverse once again found its future in doubt.  Zemo sold the BZL to Time-Warner, making all the posters the intellectual property of Warner Bros.  This disastrous turn of events would lead to the failed production of BZL--The Movie! (the less said about it, the better).  Eventually, the Baron would buy back control of his messageboard, and things would return to what passed for normal.

Lisa and Cheryl, being the only females in Pegasus' absence and before the arrival of Tina, went on to become friends.  As a result, Visionary was forced to lend a hand when Cheryl volunteered them as baby sitters.  By the
time this story had passed, Lisa was a few kids short.

Where, exactly, the series of events loosely referred to as 'International Incident' belongs in continuity (if at all) is currently unclear.  However, it is around this time that the Japanese began their attack on the Parodyverse.  Visionary would travel to the heart of Mangatown during this invasion with fellow Regular Starseed in an attempt to discover the identity of the Japanese's leader.  What Visionary found, however, was a drunk who claimed that Visionary was a 'replicant'-- an artificial person. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen.

Visionary's efforts in the Parodyverse were finally acknowledged when he was awarded a Zemie for his aborted 'Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald'. However, it should be noted that the 'Academy of Parodies' which awarded the Zemies was made up by a crazed former-Vice President Dan Quayle and dishonored former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding, and that Visionary declined the award in the name of Tahitian Snow Monkeys.

The adventures of Visionary have yet to end.  Most recently he has been sighted as a Weasel/Ferret/Mongoose by the name of Veasel, then as Visionary in Fin Fang Foom's body.  Unconfirmed reports have him being banned by Baron Zemo himself. When Avengers vol. 3 #12 came out, retconning Vision and the Scarlet Witch's history, the disillusionment felt by Visionary somehow summoned the mysterious being called the Apostate, who seems to be Visionary's opposite. Whatever Visionary's current situation, one can be sure of his supporting role in the Parodyverse for the foreseeable future.

Visionary is happily married to Cheryl and as such is unavailable to Lisa's uh... 'charms'. While generally considered to be less than the brightest bulb in the chandelier, he makes up for it with good intentions.

Sex: Male

Powers and abilities: Utterly powerless, it has been suggested that he may not be real, but actually a artificial life form. (See the upcoming conclusion to International Incident for details)

Appearance:  Visionary looks pretty much like a regular guy with a Vision-esque shirt and a coat.



Real name: Yo

Other aliases: Yo-being, Yo-X, Yo-woman

Group affiliation: Lair Legion (formerly League of Regulars),  Formerly independent.

Base of Operations:  The Lair

History: Yo was  a normal Spanish girl until one day an alien man from a  distant planet called Yo-planet possessed her. This union resulted in the creation of a genderless being composed of pure thought energy who lurked on Earth for a while until it found the AMB.  After the Great AMB Parody Flood of 1998, Yo moved to Baron Zemo's Lair where Yo remains to this day.  Yo also became a member of the Lair Legion while in the Lair. While the new Yo is a genderless being, for brevity sake he likes to be refereed to as male. He hardly remembers anything about  his male-side's previous life on Yo-planet but Yo is trying hard to know discover more about himself. Yo is very naive to human standards, and loves all life (and all kind of rubber toys thanks to Lisa). His best friends are bunnies. In the Lair Legion, he feels a special empathy toward Visionary, who has managed to find out a lot about Yo, NTU-150 and Banjoooo. Yo is a little in love of Lisa (Yo-girl appreciates her a lot), but he knows that she is Jarvis girl so he tries to not think about it for the sake of all concerned. Some of the triumphs experienced by Yo include the deafeat of Micro-Banjooo and the anti-Yo during the attack of the League of Irregulars (evil doppelgangers from another dimentsion). Despite his being genderless, Yo has managed to have one sexual encounter with Lisa. One another occasion, Yo was shunted over to the Happy Place when he accidentally activated one of NTU-150's inventions.  This caused is teammates to transmogrify into various forms.  Although he has returned since then, the effects of Yo's travel to the Happy Place have not yet been fully determined. Yo is a proud LL member, and everyday tries hard to fit into the team. He is mostly happy, except when someone is rude with his friends or when bunnies are in danger.  Therefore, Yo's enemies include the rabbit-devouring Dr. Moo and anyone else who hurts bunnnies.

Sex:  Genderless; formerly female

Powers and abilities:  Like all beings of pure thought energy, Yo can be in two places at the same time. When he is concentrating nothing can harm him.  Unfortunately, he is not very good at concentrating. He can be whatever he wants to be like a good bowler, a scientist, etc. (See "Contest of Champions" for reference)

Appearance: Yo being/Yo alien is a tall, slim, green eyes, dark-haired being who wears a Zorro like outfit. When the occasion is required he dresses like the arc iris.  He does this mostly at formal parties (see "The 87th Annual Parodyverse Awards"). Yo generally looks like a man but sometimes he can look like a woman. As a girl, Yo is a brunette with green eyes, 1.67m, 53Kg.