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Sat Oct 01, 2005 at 12:11:22 am EDT

For Vizh's consideration....
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I would like a drawing of Chad & Ronnie. Here are some spects to help you in your endeavor:

The duo would be facing forword. Ronnie is on the left & Chad is on the right. I imagine Ronnie to be slightly taller then Chad, this is even without Chad's sloughing or Ronnie's Afro.

The two of them are both Caucasian males, of about 6 feet tall.

What Ronnie looks like: He has a big, bright red Afro. Ronnie is wearing a bright yellow trench coat; the pockets are filled with jellybeans. Poking out of one of his trenchcoat pockets is his hamster, Little Cat. (I see him as having white fur with Light & Dark brown spots scattered about his fur. He maybe also be eating a Jelly Bean.) Under Ronnie's trenchcoat is a bright yellow T-Shirt & bright red denim jeans. On his feet are bright yellow striped socks & bright red oversized, almost clown shoes. Ronnie would have a big grin on face & is waving hello franticly with left arm.

What Chad looks like: Chad is wearing a dark colored flannel shirt; it not buttoned up or tucked in. Under the flannel shirt, he is wearing a dark grey t-shirt with the words 'Inflatable Monkey' on it & the picture of a pink balloon made into a monkey-like shape. Chad is wearing a pair of dark blue denim jeans & blue Converse High Tops on his feet. His dark brown hair looks not to have combed in awhile, but none of it was sticking up. He wears a pair of horn rimmed browline style glasses. He is carrying an Accordion on his back like a backpack. Chad has a smirk on his face & maybe be slouching a bit. Chad would also have his hands in his pants pockets & his feet maybe be slightly pronated.

If there is anything more you need, just e-mail me: republicofspango2@hotmail.com.

I look forword to the picture.

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