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Character notes for Her Excellency, the Baroness Elizabeth Sweetwater Dewdrop von Zemo
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Birth name: Elizabeth Sweetwater Dewdrop

Current name: Elizabeth Sweetwater Dewdrop von Zemo

Citizenship: U.S.A. (for now)

Nickname: When in villainous mood, only “Elizabeth.” As a grad student, “Beth.”

Childhood home: Hoople, North Dakota

Age: 26

Prior occupation: Psychology graduate student at the University of Michigan, preparing to write her thesis on the psychology of obesity.

Current occupation: Eager but inexperienced supervillain.

Enemies so far: Akiko Masamune (see part 6 of The Baroness), Kerry Shephardson (part 7), the U.S. government

Friends so far: Akiko Masamune. See part 4 of The Baroness and proposed part 6c (Visionary’s sidebar story).

Interesting acquaintances: Hallie, who had been created for Baron Heinrich von Zemo; Flapjack; De Brown Streak (she’s intrigued by him); Visionary

Minions: Interviewing is underway

Superpowers: none

Appearance: height – 5”8” (172 cm); weight 140 lb. (63.6 kg); measurements 34C-29-35 (86C-73-89); hair golden blonde and curly; voice pleasing alto; eyes pale blue. No disfigurements. Attractive though slightly dumpy girl-next-door.

Clothing: Grad student jeans and blouses (she rarely wears T-shirts), but she is moving toward business suits and dresses. On the job, black leather.

Personality: As grad student, hard working, reliable, dull, loves children. As a von Zemo, developing arrogance toward the criminal element and heroes, but very consciously hiding her feelings from the world at large. Loves to keep others in the dark. Can be surprised or caught flat-footed because she knows much less about what is going on than she thinks, which makes her all the more reserved about her own plans.

Heterosexual, but inexperienced. Made a bit bi-curious by Akiko, who exploits that with no intention or desire to proceed.

Still trying to develop an evil laugh or other trademark, and working hard to master the Zemo tradition of betrayal. Baron Otto is quite disappointed by all this.

Abilities and advantages: Above-average intelligence; excellent organizational abilities; access to the encrypted Zemo papers; $30 million net proceeds from gold heist; Teutonic tenacity; able at keeping secrets; imaginative plans to counter PVB heroes; Compound XX (hyper-lubricant) and counteragent; Zemo personal force field; rivalry between Office of Paranormal Security (Mr. Epitome) and Presidential Adviser on Metahuman Affairs (Herbert P. Garrick)

Weaknesses: General obliviousness to Parodyverse history; Teutonic tenacity; arrogance; inability to see ramifications of plots

Current residence: Avisia Townhouses, Dullard’s Corner, Parodiopolis. They adjoin a condo complex including a semi-underground condo owned by Visionary.

Parents: Frederick Sweetsap Dewdrop, born 1940, raised by his mother in Grovers Corners, New Hampshire, USA after she fled her marriage to Baron Otto (see below). Thanks to some mysterious gifts, he went to university and obtained his Ph.D. Became assistant lecturer in horticulture at the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople. He died in 2002.

Antonia (Tony) Treudike, animal wrangler for the animal husbandry department of the University. She is still living in Hoople.

Paternal grandparents: Baron Ottokar Attila Kublai Tamerlane von Zemo, older brother of Baron Heinrich von Zemo, met Fanny Sweetpea Dewdrop of Grovers Corners, N.H. at a séance in Heidelberg in early June 1939 and fell in love with her, probably as a side effect of some potions with which he was experimenting. They married in June 1939 at Castle Zemo. When he came to his senses two months later, he “dismissed her.” Unfortunately from his viewpoint, the invasion of Poland was imminent and he was unable to prevent her pregnancy from continuing. Fanny returned to New Hampshire, raising their legitimate child, Frederick, under her own name.

Baron Otto, as he was known, was deeply involved in the occult and had the Wehrmacht post him to central Rumania as a military observer. He died under extremely odd circumstances in February 1944 and inflicted a ghostly visitation on Beth just after the gold heist. See parts 3 and 6 of The Baroness.

Through Baron Otto, Elizabeth is the grand-niece of none other than the late (for the seventh time) Baron Heinrich von Zemo. After six previous encounters with the death tax departments of half the planet, though, there was only $3,546 left for his only known heir.

Fanny Dewdrop lived with her parents and then alone, supporting herself and Frederick at odd jobs, including taking in laundry. She had no other children and died in 1990.

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