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Some stuff about Avatar....
Friday, 30-Jul-1999 12:57:05 writes:

    Avatar is an evolved form of the mindless Parody Warriors Parody Master usually employs,and thus considers Parody Master to be his "father",of sorts.

    So being exiled from the Parody Master's realm for him is sort of like being given up for adoption.

    He doesn't have any outright ties with Jarvis,but in an effort to understand humanity more he'll be trying to make friends in the Lair Legion and the outside world.He may even gain a super-heroing partner,but that's between me and two others.

    He's particularly interested in forming a friendship with Melissa because having been around the cold,ruthless Parody Master,and the mindless Parody Warriors most of his life,he has no concept of emotions and would like to understand her sadness.

    He wears a special biological suit of armor called the Avatarmor,which boosts his strength and gives him the ability to fly as well as being able to adapt to his surroundings such as an oxygen unit for underwater.

    His main weapon is the Avatar-Sword,a lightsaber-like device that can be set to do anything from acting as a taser to cutting through solid steel.

    Also,being from the Parody Master's realm,his body has a unique genetic make-up that allows him to go "out of phase" with the physical world,similar to Shadowcat or the Vision.And yes,he can do the Vision "partially solidify" trick.

    He first appeared wearing a golden suit of armor,but since he shares a direct neural link with it he will adapt it to be more like the costuming of his teammates.

    His armor is all black,with three red stripes that form a giant A on his torso,and a long red cape.(yeah,yeah...wind resistance...Superman doesn't seem to have much of a problem with it,folks.)

    His skin is a strange,glowing,almost translucent blue color,he has no ears or nose(no "how does he smell" jokes,please),and his eyes are pupiless,like the Andy Kubert-drawn Captain America half the time.

    His armor recedes inside his body when he wills it to,allowing him to wear casual clothes,but for the most part he wears the Avatarmor.

    Hope that helps.;)


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