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This message A few suggestions and pointers for you, inside ... was posted by CrazySugarFreakBoy! is glad to see De Brown Streak posting again. on Thursday, June 20, 2002 at 00:20.

1) Dream goes to the University of Washington in Seattle, a real school in a real city in the real world. :)
For future reference, for you or anyone else who was wondering.

2) My first submission for an archenemy for De Brown Streak is ...
Karl Braun, the Aryan Ideal, of the Pogroms of Purity.
Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, square jaw, ripped muscles.
Wears a Superman-style blue, red, and gold costume, except with a swastika and "SS" lightning bolt initials in place of the traditional "S" shield of Superman's costume.
Has all the powers of the original Siegel and Shuster version of Superman (probably doesn't have heat-vision or X-ray vision, and tends to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, rather than flying above them), so that he's tough as hell to beat, but not impossible to beat.
Just like De Brown Streak is technically considered a costumed criminal, the Aryan Ideal is technically considered a costumed crime-fighter, because he does apprehend criminals, and while he's been accused of breaking the law on a number of occasions, none of th accusations have been proven yet.
However, just as most intelligent people are still able to recognize that the Aryan Ideal is an evil bastard, even though he might uphold the letter of the law, by having him as De Brown Streak's enemy, most intelligent people will be able to recognize that De Brown Streak is a good guy who fights for freedom, even though he might defy the letter of the law to do the right thing.
In short, by making the Aryan Ideal the archenemy of De Brown Streak, you'd be casting the Aryan Ideal in the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham (the mean authority figure whom no one likes), and De Brown Streak could likewise be recognized as the Robin Hood of the mutant cause (the cool swashbuckler who everyone roots for, even though he's supposedly an outlaw).
Plus, it goes without saying that the Aryan Ideal has plenty of reason to hate De Brown Streak, since De Brown Streak is both a black guy and a mutant, and the Pogroms of Purity hate both the non-white races AND the mutants with an equal passion.
Of course, much like the violent homophobes who are secretly in the closet about their own homosexuality, much of Karl Braun's hatred of black people is compounded by his hidden (and extremely obsessive) lust for black women, but unless De Brown Streak really does have a Scarlet Witch-type missing sister somewhere out there, I'm not sure how that would come into play.
Anyhow, just a thought.

3) My other nomination for an occasional De Brown Streak nemesis would be Jingo Belle, the Amazin' All-American Amazon, who is the official superhero of the United States government.
Judging from your replies, you've already read her story.
But what you don't know, because it hasn't appeared in any stories yet, is that Army Captain Josephine "Jo" Simon, who serves as Jingo Belle, reports directly to Herbert P. Garrick, and takes her orders from him, with regards to what she should say and whom she should fight.
What complicates matters is the fact that Jo doesn't necessarily agree with a lot of what Garrick tells her, especially with regards to his vitriol against both Arabs and mutants.
So, at the same time that she's trying to honor the letter of her orders from Garrick's she's also trying to do the right thing by the American people, whom she's supposedly serving, by not using people's patriotism as an excuse to initiate campaigns of hatred against those who don't deserve them.
It'd be interesting, to say the least.

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