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Superhero name: The Probability Dancer

Real name: Sarah Shepherdson (Shep). Her identity is secret, and so far only a very few people know who she really is (by amazing coincidence they don’t recognise her out of her superhero leotard)

Appearance: Mid-twenties brunette (see pic below)

Occupation: Waitress at the Bean and Donut Coffee Bar on Parodiopolis Plaza (she lives in the loft above), wannabe dancer

Hobbies: Helping people, like the down-and-outs at the Parodiopolis Seamens’ Mission

Powers: To alter probabilities through moving, especially dancing; coincidences a speciality. She is fast and dextrous in combat, using a lot of ballet moves offensively. Bullets and things have a habit of missing her.

Origin: She’s the rather reluctant herald of Galactivac, Hooverer of Worlds, the Living Death that Sucks. I blame the Hooded Hood :-)

Supporting Cast: Mr Papadopoplis, owner of the Bean and Donut Diner. I think there’s a mother and brother she’s supporting back over in old Ireland.

Villains: Magenta St Evil, Frightmare, Holy Wedlock, Carlsbad Carl the Albino Probability Cowboy (that was Vizh’s idea!), the Slimy Slaver Lovetoad, Manseed, Nappyrash, and a lot of others that I’ve forgotten just now.

Relationship with other characters: Well, Dancer gets on with pretty much everybody really. She’s grateful to Meggan Foxxx for saving her from a Horrible Fate TM, and to Xander for giving her the box her powers came in. She really liked Messenger, but he’s dead now :-( She once had a thing with Con Johnstantine but she’s over that. Yes she is. Really. She woke up in bed with Donar once but that was all quite innocent. The liaison with the Hooded Hood was less innocent, no matter how much he tries to retcon it. She is kind to spiffy (and all dumb animals). She is a bit in awe of Lisa. She gets on well with Visionary and ManMan and often calls on them if she needs to drag somebody into trouble with her. Wangmundo liked her but she didn’t know about him. Some of the Lair Legion actually know her better as waitress Shep than as Dancer.

Rules of Writing Dancer: She will usually try and find a non-violent solution and use her probability powers to convince the baddies to see the error of their ways. She will not stand for cruelty or meanness. She is happy to flirt with nice men, she is sometime a bit gullible with not nice men, but she won’t be hooking up permanently with anybody (besides, all the really good ones are taken).


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